The Pastors – 2in1 – Nollywood Comedy Drama

The Pastors - 2in1 - Nollywood Comedy Drama 2016

The Pastors – 2in1 – Nollywood Comedy Drama 2016

Adamu joined the police force a long time ago and got dismissed as an incompetent constable after thirty five years of service.

He decided to join forces with his bosom friend Mr. Ogalayan; a man who even could not organize his own family. Together they wanted to open a Church which according to them was the newest Money spinning business in their society. They called themselves (The Pastors).

The event that led to Adamu being dismissed from the police force and how they came about the called Church is the reason for this movie; a classical comedy in a very simple language (Pidgin English), making very serious statement in The Pastors – 2in1

Produced and submitted to WavidoTV by Baba Cliff Igbinovia of Opakhara Movies, Benin City, Nigeria.

Cast: Baba Cliff Igbinovia, Chinwetalu Agu, Osagie Elegbe, Violet Ogheneroho Timothy, Magdalene Okunzuwa, Vivian Nkechi Adewoye, Onome Agbaje, Cynthia Igbinigie, Christabella Ejele, Evang. Sunny Idugboe, Faith Adefusi, Nosa Idemudia e.t.c.