Osinmwin-Odo – Edo Movie

Osinmwin-Odo - Edo Movie

Osinmwin-Odo – Edo Movie

It is a usual thing for men if Africa to be married and have girlfriends around, at least that is what Baba Cliff thought until he met his match in Osinmwin-Odo – Edo Movie.

Little did he know that a good wife is hard to find and that the woman he had at home was the best any man could find.

Please grab your pop-corn and sit down to watch this very interesting movie because it would have you glued to your chair from start to finish.

Produced and submitted to WavidoTV by Baba Cliff Igbinovia from Benin City, Nigeria.

Cast: Baba Cliff Igbinovia, Eunice Omoregie, Pat Obasuyi, West Osasuyi, Sunny Idugboe, Stella Aghatise, Queen Izedomwen, Daniel Iyamu, Udazi Imuentinyan, Anslem Oviahon, e.t.c.