Iyeki 1

Iyeki 1 – Edo Movie 2011
Continuation Of Ikhueki 1 and 2

They lend out money and then they invoke some voodoo incantations to make sure their debtors can’t pay up in time so as to forfeit their collateral or surety bond presented.

Produced by Osamuyi Orlando Ovbiebo of Triple O. Production Resources Ltd Benin City, Nigeria.

Cast: Loveth Okh, Osamuyi Orlando Ovbiebo, Eunice Omoruyi, Osamwonyi Peace, Pat Obasuyi, Perpertual Ekhator, Confidence Aiyanyor, Edith Uzibor, Helen Okhions, Jolly Odeh, Blessing Osagie, Nosa Ada Peaceman, Mary Obaje, Kenneth Isede, Kelly Omoragbon e.t.c.