Advertise Your Products and/or Services with WavidoTV
WavidoTV advertisers information.

Advertisers Can Target Their Specific Audience and Location
WavidoTV advertisers can choose to show their approved ads based on the geographical location of the user viewing the ad automatically via geotargeting technology.

What’s The Cost
Cost is determined by ad types and impression based, we either charge by 1000 impressions or cost per day, contact us to negotiate what suits you best.
We can guarantee you that the ads that you place with WavidoTV mostly come at lower prices compared to our competition and opting in for prepaid ad placements of 3 and or 6 months gets advertisers a bonus of 10% and 20% discount respectively.

Be sure to review our Advertising Terms And Conditions before ordering your ad placement.

Creating an Effective Banner Ad

• Keep your message short and simple.

• Most banners are created in the GIF format, as this compresses very well. You may also submit your banner in JPEG format.

• Simple Ads that are easy to load work best. No flash or Java ads.

• Use a large font size for your message text.

• Use attractive images to grab the viewer’s attention.

• Use attention-grabbing words like “free” and “now”. “Free” is a very powerful incentive for the viewer to click on the button. Give the viewer a reason to click on your ad.

• Stay away from bold bright colors, such as bright yellow, bright red, lime green, as they don’t show up the same in all the browsers.

• Have a call to action such as Click Here or Get It Now!. Use a smaller font size, so that it doesn’t distract the viewer from your main advertising message.

• Adding a border to your banner will make it stand out from the page.

Contact Us by reaching out to WavidoTV sales department here