WavidoTV is a video distribution platform whose aim is to help producers in monetizing their videos.

WavidoTV was created out of the lack of options for small to medium sized video producers to monetize their content. Most smaller producers have to rely on local markets, their micro financed stores and a few distributors who in turn takes a cut from their sales.
What we do is, encourage producers to create high quality content and present them various options to help them make money from their content, by making their content available online for monetization on all platforms and thereby creating new revenue opportunities for the small and medium sized video producers at our disposal.

We’re in this together — We only make money when our partners make money.

Major media organizations revolutionized the way people buy or watch videos, music, TV shows and movies online but forgot or dismissed aspiring producers struggling to get their name out there, such producers and distributors must rely on themselves to promote, market and monetize their content, with WavidoTV you focus on the content and we handle the rest.